what is return of premium life insurance

What Is Return Of Premium Life Insurance?

Our hope is after this brief explanation you’ll know enough about this very popular life insurance feature in order to be able to consider it the next time you decide to run a life insurance quote or purchase a plan to protect the income your family needs. There are dozens of different kinds of plans…
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What Is Term Life Insurance?

What is term life insurance? This question comes up regularly from our clients so we thought we should take some time to answer it. Simply put, term life insurance is temporary life insurance coverage. Life insurance, for the most part, comes in two basic flavors, temporary and permanent. However, within those two basic flavors come…
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Should You Have Both Term and Permanent Life Insurance Coverage?

When considering the purchase of life insurance, there are two primary types of coverage that are available in the marketplace. These are term and permanent. Should you buy term or whole life insurance? In some cases, it is certain that one type or the other will fit a buyer’s needs. In other situations, though, there…
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What Are The Different Types Of Life Insurance Policies?

When it comes to life insurance, the customization options available to you can seem endless. Plan types, designs, riders and the various reasons and needs for life insurance are just as abundant as the hundreds of options and customization’s available to someone buying a new car these days! Getting a policy that meets your specific…
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Exploiting The Benefits Of Mortgage Life Insurance

One of my worst fears is that should I die someday unexpectedly, would be my family have to sell our home and uproot my children due to their inability to pay our mortgage? Thinking of this possibility gives me that bottomless pit feeling in my stomach and it’s the last thing I would want my…
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